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Fire sprinklers are a great way to protect your home or business from fire, but there are some common myths about them that can deter people from installing them. Here are the most common myths and the truth behind them:

  • Myth: Fire sprinklers go off all the time, even if there is no fire.
  • Truth: Fire sprinklers are very reliable and only go off when there is a fire. They are equipped with heat-sensitive heads that detect smoke and heat, and only activate when the temperature reaches a certain point.
  • Myth: Fire sprinklers will damage my property more than the fire itself.
  • Truth: Fire sprinklers are designed to put out a fire before it gets out of control, which can help to minimize damage to your property. In fact, studies have shown that fire sprinklers can reduce property damage by up to 90%.
  • Myth: Fire sprinklers are expensive to install and maintain.
  • Truth: The cost of installing and maintaining fire sprinklers has decreased significantly in recent years. In fact, many insurance companies offer discounts on premiums to homeowners who have fire sprinklers installed.
  • Myth: Fire sprinklers are difficult to install and maintain.
  • Truth: Fire sprinklers are relatively easy to install and maintain. Most systems can be installed by a qualified professional in a few days. And once they are installed, they require very little maintenance.

Don’t let these myths deter you from installing fire sprinklers in your home or business. Fire sprinklers are one of the most effective ways to protect your property and your loved ones from fire.

In other words, fire sprinklers are reliable, effective, and affordable. They are easy to install and maintain, and they can save your life and property in the event of a fire.

1st Fire Protection Services, LLC takes fire protection and the safety of your facility very seriously. We are aware of the significant impact a sprinkler system’s malfunction can have. The local regulations, the kind of building occupancy, and the sprinkler system’s components all play a role in determining our sprinkler system inspection and testing schedule.

To guarantee your piece of mind about the sprinkler system in your building, our NICET-certified technicians adhere to the criteria established in the National Fire Protection Association’s code NFPA 25 as well as any additional local legislation.

Do not be hesitant to call us right away to go about your sprinkler inspection alternatives.