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Safety Standards

Practicing Safety Culture Saves Lives

Valuing safety regulations has practical repercussions. For this reason, groups like the NFPA, OSHA, and NSC are in existence. 1st FPS makes sure that our specialists are informed about updates to safety rules and obtain the necessary certifications for fire safety components.

Safety is not just a catchphrase; it is our purpose.

It serves as the cornerstone of our community and culture, upholding our values of dedication and leadership in all situations involving fire safety and prevention.

We are here to keep your facility operating at peak efficiency, regardless of the installation, training, inspection, fire equipment, and other services your business needs. See our list of safety services and certifications for more information on public safety education initiatives.

Safety Codes and Standards


The NFPA is devoted to fire protection codes and standards. It is an internationally recognized organization whose members support fire suppression technologies.

Fire Protection Codes

  • Devotion to reducing loss, injury, property and economic grief due to fire and related hazards

Safety Policy

  • A commitment to education, knowledge, and skills to meet eligibility requirements
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Our NICET certification guarantees that every technician’s knowledge and skill are current and thorough.

Certificate of Completion

  • Completion of insurance requirements


  • Fulfillment of health care accreditation requirements
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NAFED-certified members align their efforts with the mission to improve quality while increasing fire protection.

Effective Management

  • A way to mandate health, safety programs and stay compliant


  • Enhanced credibility
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As an ally to OSHA, NSC brings workplace safety tools, data, and training to employers and workers, fostering a safety culture.

Facility Organization

  • Sets employers and organizations on a path to think about safety daily

Advanced Systems

  • Improved records and healthy employees
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ACHC is an international accreditation program for the health care industry which has stringent safety requirements for very good reasons.

Full Compliance

  • Sets hospitals and clinics up for organizational excellence

Regular Checkups

  • Safety inspections and reporting keep everyone safe
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MSHA regulates safety in all mining activities, above and below ground, where fires are considerably more hazardous.

Ensures Work Health

  • Preventing and addressing health impacts in the mining community

Cost Reduction

  • Cost-effective time and safety efforts for your organization
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OSHA sets and enforces safety regulations for workers in concert with the federal government. It evaluates work environments, accidents, and injuries.

Ensures Work Safety

  • Reduced workplace accidents

Cost Reduction

  • Cost-effective time and safety efforts for your organization
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