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Fire Protection for Restaurants Requires a Bevy of Specialized Systems

There are several kitchen fire suppression systems available, and each one has a different setup that determines when to activate the system in the event of a fire. On ANSUL®, Amerex®, Pyrochem, Guardian, and other systems, our specialists have received training and certification. Our familiarity with them will alleviate your mind as you manage your eatery.

An easy link or nozzle change can significantly improve the performance of a kitchen hood fire system or fire extinguisher. We are a leading competitor in the fire safety sector because of our dedication.

Contact 1st FPS online today to set up a Restaurants program, or call now to discuss your fire safety needs with our team at any time!

How Can We Assist?

An uncontrollably large grease fire is the last thing you want in your restaurant. If you maintain regular upkeep and clean your kitchen hood every three months, your fire suppression system will continue to work in the event of a fire. The secret is to stick to an inspection plan so that you can anticipate replacements and repairs before they become more expensive and ruin your kitchen.

1st FPS suggests doing hood cleanings every three months in addition to the mandatory semi-annual inspection. Technicians clean the system in case of damage and reset it. Unexpected incidents, or emergencies, will inevitably occur. Contact our round-the-clock fast response staff when they do.