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Recharging Fire Extinguishers That Are Still Serviceable

1st FPS staff manage client inspection schedules and keep their firms ready for emergencies. We are quite skilled with securely handling and delivering chemical agents for refilling portable extinguishers, cartridge driven extinguishers, suppression tanks, and even paintball canisters.

Agents such as ABC Dry Chemical, Purple K, CO2, Water, and Clean Agent are used to replenish fire suppression systems and portable fire extinguishers.

Contact 1st FPS online to discuss your fire safety needs with our team at any time!

How Can We Assist?

Fire suppression systems, kitchen systems, and fire extinguishers only work if a suppression agent is in the tanks. We carry a complete line of agents such as Ansulex, Purple K, Wet and Dry Chemical, Clean Agent, CO2 and gas suppression systems. Wherever CO2 or nitrogen cartridges are needed, we carry those too.

If you have discharged an extinguisher or it lost charge over time, we can refill it and swap it out with a new extinguisher.