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State-of-the-Art Fire Protection for Power & Energy Facilities

Since the electricity and energy sector provides a vital service, issues must be resolved quickly. In addition to routine preventative maintenance, fire prevention components, such CO2 suppression systems, require skilled technicians who are familiar with the particular safety regulations governing power and energy operations.

Should a crisis arise, these facilities are very combustible and deadly. We teach our employees how to react appropriately in dire circumstances.

Contact 1st FPS online today to set up a Power & Energy program, or call now to discuss your fire safety needs with our team at any time!

How Can We Assist?

The special hazards team at 1st FPS is capable of designing, setting up, and maintaining fire suppression systems that are specifically made for electrified machinery and combustible fuels. 1st FPS’s decades of knowledge and outstanding execution have made us the fire and safety provider of choice for many utility and fuel organizations.

We offer uniformity in terms of both price and service standards across all of their sites, something that can be difficult to do when working with different vendors.