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Special Risk Fire Protection Systems for Unique Buildings

A wide range of delicate and volatile environments, including those where water sprinklers cannot be used, such as museums, art galleries, laboratories, data centers, telecommunications, warehouses, high-value storage, dust collection facilities, and aviation, have been handled by 1st FPS’s Special Hazards team for many years. Any environment’s specific demands can be met by us.

Contact 1st FPS online today to discuss your special risk protection system needs with our team at any time!

We can help with fire safety in a number of areas, including security systems and clean agents. To complete the safety plans of the most conscientious health and safety managers, we furthermore install, test, and maintain fire alarms and fire extinguishers. The safety systems we install and maintain are cutting edge, tried-and-true fire safety technology, tailored to your institution.

1st FPS provides prompt customer service to ensure timely renderings and excellent implementation, our designers work in tandem with our qualified and experienced project engineers.