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Fire Code Compliance Services

Fire rules are constantly improving in order to improve public safety. This evolution can make it difficult for property owners and managers to stay on top of a building’s life safety systems. Do you have time to maintain code compliance in addition to maintaining your facility?

1st Fire Protection Services, LLC has been a leader in life safety code and compliance services in the Central and South Texas region. As a single-source provider of life safety services, we provide a wide range of fire protection services to keep your facility safe and up to code.

Please contact us right away for a free life safety and code compliance review. We may collaborate to develop a long-term plan to maintain your facilities safe.

Contact us online today to set up a Code Compliance program, or call now to discuss your fire safety needs with our team at any time!

We Are Your Life Safety Systems & Services Partner

1st Fire Protection Services offers a team of qualified fire protection professionals who can assist you with all of your compliance requirements:

Confidence Testing and Inspections: The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires that your life safety equipment be inspected at regular intervals to guarantee optimal performance and code compliance. Each system has certain requirements. We may collaborate with you to create a testing strategy tailored to your facility. Fire alarms, fire sprinklers, backflow preventers, kitchen hoods, suppression systems, and fire extinguishers are among the systems we test.

Maintenance and Repair in accordance with the Code: Even the most carefully planned and installed system need maintenance to stay in top functioning order. 1st FPS has a team of qualified experts that will ensure that your life safety systems are in good working order.

System Development and Installation: The most critical phase in building a compliant fire prevention system is the design and programming process. We are qualified to design and install your system in line with local, state, and national fire codes due to our years of knowledge and experience.

Monitoring of the Alarm System: Code requires 24-hour alarm monitoring services, so why not work with the best? 1st FPS collaborates with the industry’s leading technological communication providers to provide you with reliable alarm monitoring coverage around the clock.

Take the First Step Towards Comprehensive Fire Safety: Don’t let compliance be an afterthought. Make it a priority. Contact us today for a free life safety and code compliance review. Together, we can forge a path towards a safer future for your facility. With 1st Fire Protection Services, you’re not just meeting codes; you’re exceeding them.  Fill out the form on this page to connect with us.